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Dear CSP Peers,

Since the beginning of 2019, we believe that this year would be the harvest year for the whole MENA CSP.

Over 7 CSP related projects would enter into the commercial operation phase, such as NOORoⅡ CSP Parabolic Trough Project & NOORoⅢ CSP Tower Project from Morocco, Shagaya 50MW PT Project from Kuwait, Waad Al Shamal & Duba1 ISCC Project from Saudi Arabia, Ashalim Plot A 121MW PT Project & Ashalim Plot B 121MW Tower Project from Israel, etc.

Benefited from the extraordinary natural sunshine resource, and influenced by the rocky action of U.A.E, Saudi Arabia, Morocco in CSP field, more and more MENA countries start deploying this new kind clean energy into their future strategic renewable energy plan. Egypt, Tunisia, Algeria, Jordan, Libya, Oman has all revealed their official announcement of short or long-term renewable energy target, even some of them has collaborated with World Bank, technical consultancy, financing firm to work on the feasibility study of the start-up projects, which aims to get the full ready for the development of the domestic CSP industry.


Based on the features of grid-friendly and energy storage ability, CSP is no longer simply defined as the base load, but its further function as the regulation power to coordinate other unstable renewable energy connecting to the grid. The economy efficiency will be optimized by the “CSP+” mode. The examples like Noor Midelt Project which developed with “CSP+PV” hybrid mode and DEWA PhaseⅣ 700MW CSP (LCOE:USD7.3cents/kWh)+250MW (LCOE:USD2.4cents/kWh), both of them indicates that the plant developers drop high interest into this kind of new economic hybrid mode with increasingly technical mature. It may not be hard to predict that in the near future, the hybrid source would even replace the single CSP one and become a new fundamental development mode.

Generally, besides the power generation, CSP could also be applied into several promising fields like industrial heat supply, water desalination, enhanced oil recovery in MENA region. Undoubtedly, the huge amount market share of MENA region catch the eyes from the global CSP stakeholders. To get you the professional platform for getting known of MENA CSP future deployments & flagship project updates and excavating more business opportunities & market demands, we warmly welcome you to join CSP Focus MENA 2019 on June.26-27 in Dubai, U.A.E.


Best Regards,

Organizing Committee of 4th Annual CSP Focus MENA 2019 Conference & Expo

Agenda Overview


Pre-conference 1

June 24, Monday See More

Site Tour ( Independent from the conference, by invitation only )

Abu Dhabi, 10:00am-18:00pm

Morning: Masdar Institute Solar Platform

Afternoon: Shams 1 CSP Plant


Masdar Institute Solar Platform

The Masdar Institute Solar Platform (MISP), managed
by Khalifa University of Science and Technology,
allows for concentrating solar power and thermal
energy storage technologies to be developed on a
wider scale by providing access to high-performance
CSP research and demonstration infrastructure.


A 20-
metre-high tower is surrounded by a solar field of 33
heliostat mirrors in three concentric rings which
adjust their angle to track the movement of the sun
while directing the reflected light to the top of the
tower. Lining the top of the tower is a 45-mirror array
which redirects the light from the heliostats towards
a receiver at the tower's base.


The facility is being
used to test reflector technologies, absorbed tubes,
heat transfer fluids, mirrors and a variety of
components used in the CSP industry.


Shams 1 CSP Plant

Shams 1 was the largest renewable energy project in
operation in the Middle East when launched in 2013.


It occupies 2.5 square kilometres and has a capacity
of 100 megawatts. The solar field has 768 parabolic
trough collectors to generate clean, renewable
electricity. Shams 1 directly contributes toward Abu
Dhabi's target of 7 percent power-generation capacity
via renewable energy by the year 2020.


The plant also
is helping the United Arab Emirates diversify its
energy mix and reduce the country’s carbon
footprint. The plant displaces about 175,000 tonnes
of carbon dioxide per year, which is equivalent to
planting 1.5 million trees or removing 15,000 cars
from Abu Dhabi's roads.


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Pre-conference 2

June 25, Tuesday See More

Key CSP Company Visit ( Independent from the conference, by invitation only )

Dubai, 10:00am-18:00pm

Morning: ACWA Power, Dubai Office

Afternoon: Shanghai Electric, Dubai Branch


ACWA Power, Dubai Office

ACWA Power is the developer, investor and operator
of power generation and desalinated water plants
with 51 assets in operation, construction or advance
development across 11 countries.

The CSP references of ACWA in MENA region

700MW+250MW NOOR Energy 1 solar
power plant, Dubai,

and 510MW solar complex in
NOOR Ouarzazate, Morocco.


Shanghai Electric, Dubai Branch

Shanghai Electric Group Co., Ltd, as one of the largest
equipment manufacturing conglomerates in China,
possesses key advantages in the comprehensive
provision of modern equipment, complete equipment
sets, and engineering works contracting.


Since the
1990s, Shanghai Electric's sales revenues have ranked
top 3 in the Chinese equipment manufacturing

Shanghai Electric is the EPC turnkey contractor of
700MW+250MW NOOR Energy 1 CSP plant, Dubai.


And the Dubai branch is mainly responsible for the
project implementation.



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Day One

June 26, Wednesday See More

CSP Deployment Strategy in MENA Region.

Development and Construction Experience Sharing of Flagship Projects in MENA.

The Role of CSP in Energy System of MENA Region.






Day Two

June 27, Thursday See More

Joint-force between MENA and China.

Development Experience of Solar Hybrid Plants.

Optimization of Key Components and Technology to Reduce LCOE.

CSP Diversified Application.






Project Introduction:

Pilot and other CSP projects introduction and communication 

Product Show: 

Key components, materials, technologies and services showcase and promotion 

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