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As A-Share enterprise listed in Shenzhen Stock Exchange Center, Beijing Shouhang IHW Resources Saving Technology Co., Ltd specializes in the engineering management, research and development, manufacturing, sales, manufacture, commissioning and training and services for air cooling system of power plants and the systems of solar power hydro technology and waste heat utilization.Its headquarters located in Beijing. Shouhang is a new high-tech company in Beijing. It undertakes the research in the projects designated by National and Beijing Municipal Science and Technology Commission, and were successfully honored with “The Second Prize of National Technical and Technology Progress Award”, “Beijing High-tech Enterprise” ,“Zhongguancun Science Park Enterprise” and “National Enterprise Technology Center” etc. and other dozens of honors.
Founded in 2009, Royal Tech CSP Limited has been specialized in the R&D and industrialization of solar thermal key technologies based on broad cooperation with world famous scientific institutes like Fraunhofer ISE, DLR and CIEMAT-PSA. We have been actively participating in the compilation of multiple International (IEC), national and industrial standards. We have made various breakthroughs in terms of technology and industrialization of vacuum receivers, and managed to supply large scale CSP power plants overseas. We started early to successfully demonstrate our parabolic trough solar field capabilities, continuously verifying new components and technologies for solar thermal applications.As a developer and technology provider, 150MW capacity of parabolic trough projects that we participated were selected into the first National CSP Demonstration Program. Two projects are in process to be implemented. Royal Tech CSP Limited, the winner of SolarPACES 2017 Technology Innovation Award with Wacker Chemie AG, becomes the first Asian company to get this award in history.
For 50 years our customers have relied on HORA as a competent partner for innovative and reliable flow control solutions. HORA products provide the greatest customer benefits in power and other related industries. From turbine bypass systems to balance of plant applications, HORA offers a comprehensive portfolio of standard and heavy duty control valve solutions. The HORA brand is increasing in significance both domestically and overseas with an export share of more than 65 percent. We develop and engineer all our own core products, which are manufactured by us in Germany enabling us to guarantee our own product quality. All processes are organized to ensure short throughput times and the highest levels of delivery reliability.
Tel. +39.031.396341
USA SALES OFFICE: tel. 312.985.7673
email: sales@adtubi.com webpage: www.adtubi.com

A.D. TUBI INOSSIDABILI SPA. is a world premiere manufacturer of welded tubes since its foundation in 1997, when Andrea Degano, current CEO of the company, decided to take advantage of his long-standing experience in the tubing business to create a new dynamic company, focused on quality, reliability and customer service.
The company operates and delivers globally from its headquarter in Casnate con Bernate, within a state-of-the-art new facility of 7,500 mq.
A.D. Tubi proudly fabricates welded tubes made of stainless steel, 6 Moly, duplex, superferritic grades, nickel alloys and titanium, serving high demanding markets within the heat transfer industry and other special applications, typically: power generation (including Nuclear- Solar Power – Geothermal Power etc.), oil & gas, chemical and petrochemical, desalination etc. Both straight and low-stress U tubes can be supplied, typically for condensers, feedwater heaters, evaporators and regular heat exchangers.
A.D. Tubi’s focus on quality is supported by the several approvals achieved: ISO 9001, 14001, 18001, AD 2000, PED & Nace, Gost R, Lloyd’s and RINA, Health, Safety and Environmental policies strictly followed.
Two in-house modernly equipped labs and a complete array of testing devices, along with trained and skilled personnel, ensure the superior level of its tubing and certifies the international success of the company
Free-spirited and fast growing, A.D. Tubi Inossidabili SPA. looks at the future with passion and commitment, ready to face with enthusiasm the challenge of an increasingly competitive global market with our ADVANCED TUBES.
Bluestar (Beijing) Chemical Machinery Co., Ltd.(BCMC), a subsidiary of China National Chemical Corporation (ChemChina) is the leading supplier in CSP industry. BCMC was early nominated as the National High-Tech Enterprise, as well as Zhongguancun 100 Innovative Pilot Enterprises, Beijing Patent Model Company, Beijing Enterprise Technology Center, Beijing Chlor-alkali Equipment Engineering Technology Researching Center, Beijing Innovation Design Center, and China Chemical Industry Technology Innovation Model Enterprise. In last-past years, BCMC successfully applied its heat storage/exchange technology with over 50 years’ experience in chemical industry to the developing CSP industry. It won orders of heat (molten-salt/oil) storage/exchange equipment or turn-key service, including: Supcon Delingha 10MW/50MW CSP Molten Salt Storge Tank Project, CPECC Hami 50MW CSP Molten Salt Storage Tank Project, Yumen Xineng 50MW Molten Salt Tower CSP Project’s heat absorber and molten salt buffer tank, ENESOON Suqian Molten Salt Tower CSP Test Device Project’s heat absorber, Zhejiang University Molten Salt Storage And Heat Transfer Pilot Plant, etc.
Al Babtain Power and Telecommunications Co is a Saudi listed company, Established itself as a pioneer in the sector of Engineering & manufacturing. Blazing a trail since 1955, Al-Babtain has its manufacturing facilities/offices in KSA, EGYPT, FRANCE, and UAE & QATAR. Al-Babtain’s core business are in Renewable Energy, outdoor lighting, power and telecommunications sectors. Since its entry into the Renewable Energy industry in 2016, Al-Babtain has become one of the leading infrastructure companies in the region.

Today Al-Babtain has placed itself as a key player in the renewable energy sector, Particularly CSP & PV solar support steel structure components in collaboration with the Leading EPCs/Developers in the solar power plants currently built. Its engineering and production department as well as the investments made during the last couple years has allowed them to comply with the most demanding technical requirements needed for these kind of structures, positioning themselves as crucial part of the MENA Concentrated Solar power (CSP) & PV Solar market. Furthermore, Al-Babtain has formed a successful engineering team of experts recently. This team involved in more than 2,000 MW CSP projects around the world which allows Al-Babtain to provide their customers with access to the top skilled engineers in the CSP industry and deliver matchless quality in the shortest delivery time anywhere in the world.

Al-Babtain combine knowledge with its expertise of supplying galvanized steel structures and finally serve high quality end products to their customers either for small scale projects or large scale Power Plants. Different designs of Steel Support Structures for CSP Parabolic Trough Solar Fields are supplied by Al-Babtain with high precision, which is very critical for Trough Systems. The structures and structural component manufacturing capacity of Al-Babtain from its facility in Saudi Arabia currently stands at 300 MW/Year

Al-Babtain has received the “Solar Value Chain Champion of the Year” award during Middle East Solar Awards Ceremony 2018, organized by MESIA, the Middle East Solar Industry Association for its valuable contributions towards MENA CSP sector.

URL/web: http://www.al-babtain.com.sa/
SICK is a leading manufacturer of intelligent sensors and sensor solutions for industrial applications. With more than 9,000 employees and over 50 subsidiaries and equity investments as well as numerous agencies worldwide, we are always close to our customers. A unique range of products and services creates the perfect basis for controlling processes securely and efficiently, protecting individuals from accidents and preventing damage to the environment. We have extensive experience in various industries and understand their processes and requirements. With intelligent sensors, we can deliver exactly what our customers need. In application centers in Europe, Asia and North America, system solutions are tested and optimized in accordance with customer specifications. All this makes us a reliable supplier and development partner. Comprehensive services round out our offering: SICK Life-Time Services provide support throughout the machine life cycle and ensure safety and productivity. For us, that is “Sensor Intelligence.”
Lanpec Technologies Limited was founded in May 1960. On June 22, 2011, LANPEC got listed on the Shanghai Stock Exchange successfully (Stock Code: 601798).
LANPEC’s mainly engaged in the petroleum drilling machinery; the refining and petrochemical engineering equipment; the offshore and desert petroleum equipment and engineering; the project of petroleum refining and chemical engineering, natural gases treatment and liquid recovery; the research, development, design and manufacture of light industry and food machinery; the performance test and assessment on the petroleum drilling machinery and the refining chemical equipment; the related computer software introduction, development and technology consultation for purpose of the petroleum and petrochemical engineering and the attached equipment; and the relevant engineering design and general contracting, construction, manufacture supervision, construction surveying, etc.
The national oil drilling refining and chemical equipment quality supervision and testing Center, China Petrochemical Corporation Lanzhou equipment failure analysis and prevention research center, oil drilling equipment machinery industry quality supervision and inspection center, heat exchanger products Machinery Industry quality supervision and testing Center, Provincial heat transfer and engineering technology research center all located inside Lanpec Technologies Limited.
LANPEC owns manufacture bases in Lanzhou (12000㎡) & Shanghai (440000㎡) respectively.
Enesoon is a professional service provider for full energy storage industry chain core technologies. It is a National High-Tech enterprise that specialized in R&D, design, production and sales of thermal storage new materials, thermal storage new equipment and thermal storage system. Enesoon provides variety of solutions to customers for the design, system integration, complete set of equipment, project construction, investment and operational management for energy storage and energy supply projects. ●Professional service provider for Energy storage solution, energy storage consultation and design, and Energy storage system integration; ●Manufacturer and supplier for energy storage new materials and new equipment; ●Investor and operator for energy storage projects.
JZNEE established in 2004 with 200,000 ㎡ cover Area. We have more than 1400 employees at present. We have two company titles JZNEE and AVIM. JZNEE is a manufacturing and processing enterprise, while AVIM is an import and export trading company, meanwhile AVIM is the subsidiary of JZNEE.
Our company is engaged in four main fields: Energy, Industry, Marine, and transportation. For energy, our main products include wind power machinery, and photovoltaic equipment. For industry, we set foot in port machinery, construction machinery and metallurgical machinery. For Marine,we have subsea products and Deck machinery. For transportation, there are mainly logistics vehicles, construction vehicles and airport equipment. Besides, we have an excellent logistic team who can provide packing and transportation solutions as per customers’ requirement.
Our business partners are industry leaders, such as SGRE, Shanghai Electric, Senvion, Avic, TBEA,
Sungrow,Kongsberg and so on.
Shanghai Hamel Supply chain technology Co., Ltd is an international freight forwarder mainly engaged in new energy (solar energy, wind power, nuclear power) and project Logistics. The company was established in June 2012,headquartered in Shanghai. Its holding companies are shanghai hamel logistics Co.,LTD ,hongkong yonglong logistics Co.,LTD, shanghai hamel warehousing & transportation management Co.,LTD, and setting office in Qingdao, Tianjin, Guangzhou.. Relying on the rapid growth of new energy demand from various countries in the world and the continuous upgrading of global procurement integration, we seize opportunities and grasp hot spots.Starting from ARRAY TECH, which ranks the second in the global photovoltaic industry, Siemens & comesa, the world's leading wind power company, and kalmar, a global construction machinery giant, we are constantly expanding and deepening the development of new energy logistics business.
ACCIONA specialises in EPC (turnkey) industrial projects with a strong technological component. Through its Industrial business line, it contributes to the sustainable development of industry, focusing its strategy on growing its portfolio of renewable energy projects and using clean and competitive technology. The company operates in over 20 countries, including Mexico, Chile, Brazil, Spain, South Africa, the United Arab Emirates and Australia.
The Industrial business line of ACCIONA carries out its activities along seven Business Units: Thermal Power Generation, Hydroelectric Power Generation, Photovoltaic Power Generation, Wind Power Generation, Oil & Gas, Transmission Grids and Substations, Facilities and Alternative Energy Sources. The company leads each stage of these EPC projects: basic and detailed engineering, procurement, construction, assembly, launch, operation and maintenance.
It is a leading company in the turnkey development of solar thermal power plants, with over 400 MW of installed capacity.
In recent years, ACCIONA has finished flagship projects such as Noor I (160 MW), in Morocco and two CSP plants in South Africa: Bokpoort (50 MW) and Kathu (100 MW). ACCIONA is currently constructing the first CSP plant with tower technology in Latin America: Cerro Dominador (110 MW) in Chile.

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• Educate the market about your products, services, key personnel and track record

• Enjoy a complete captive audience by holding a full 25 minute presentation

• Join a key panel debate or distribute literature directly towards your client

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• Benefit from having all your potential clients in one place at one time

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• Ensure your business is at the forefront of your prospects’ minds

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Gala Dinner (Exclusive) 3+2(booth staff) Dinner address


y (VIP) 1 page
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Networking (Exclusive) 3


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Exhibition 4 n n y 1 page
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